Association of Minnesota Chinese Physicians - AMCP
The Association of Minnesota Chinese Physicians (AMCP) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization of licensed Chinese Minnesotan physicians with a shared commitment to community service, professional development and promotion of collaborations in order to advance medical sciences and patient care. It also facilitates the exchange and interaction of medical professionals between US (Minnesota in particular) and China. AMCP includes physicians of Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Mid-level providers such as physician assistants and nurse practitioners and physicians in training are also welcome. AMCP welcomes non-Chinese physicians who are interested in promoting the AMCP mission.

AMCP has established a volunteer clinic, the Minnesota Chinese Health Center (MCHC), serving not only ethnic Chinese patients but also the local population at large. Together with MCHC, AMCP organizes periodic public health education seminars to promote healthy life-style, disease prevention and early recognition of signs and symptoms of diseases that warrant further medical attention.

To facilitate collaborations with Chinese healthcare establishment and professionals, AMCP has also established US-China Healthcare Information Exchange (USCHIE) as another nonprofit independent extension. USCHIE is a free e-journal and web-based interactive platform dedicated to promoting and facilitating mutually beneficial bilateral interactions between US and Chinese healthcare establishments and related industries.

AMCP also sponsors professional seminars and medical forums to promote intellectual interaction and professional development of AMCP members and to forge collaboration between AMCP members and the community including other health organizations, medical device manufacturers and biomedical companies. AMCP periodically organizes medical delegations to visit China and hosts Chinese medical delegations to visit US and Minnesota in particular.


2015 AMCP Chinese New Year Party
Tuesday, 16 December 2014 18:41

Please mark your calendar for 2015 AMCP Chinese New Year Party.

Location: Tea House, 2425 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414, Telephone (612) 331-8866

Time: 5-10 PM, February 22nd (Sunday), 2015
Fee: adult $20, children age =5 $15, free if age <5.

The restaurant will be serving AMCP exclusively that evening. There will be newly installed Karaoke.

Please let us know if you have any suggestion about entertainment or professional activities during this event.

2014 AMCP Chinese Spring Festival Dinner
Sunday, 23 February 2014 00:00

The 2014 AMCP Chinese Spring Festival dinner was held on 02/09/2014 at Little Szechuan restaurant in St. Louis Park. More than 70 AMCP members and guests attended the evening event. During the event, Ms. Xia Li and Ms. Jie Xia received the Outstanding Service award for their long-term contribution to Minnesota Chinese Health Center. American-educated Chinese singer Ying Huang, her husband Shao Wang and Daughter Vivien, along with Liangsheng Cheng, Weili Shen, Zhiyi Sha and his wife Lei Liu, and Huagui Li gave music performances.


Dr. Jianming Li won the 2013 Minnesota AHA Heart and Stroke Hero award
Sunday, 23 February 2014 00:02

Dr. Jianming Li won the 2013 Minnesota AHA Heart and Stroke Hero award. Only one physician is selected from this prestigious award in the state Minnesota every year. Jianming is the first Chinese physician to win this award.

华人养老服务项目(Chinese Senior Assisted Living Program, CSALP)正式启动
Saturday, 10 August 2013 11:37
“老有所养,老有所依”乃长者愿望,儿女义务。明尼苏达华人养老服务项目(CSALP)与具有十多年成功经验的韩国人非营利养老机构(Korean Service Center, KSC)合作,并得到明州华人医生协会、明州华人药剂师协会、护士、护工等专业组织和人士的大力支持,利用美国联邦和当地政府的福利资源,已正式启动符合 美国养老标准并适合华人习惯的养老护理服务,以满足明州已经或行将不能完全自理的老年华人对确保生活质量的需求,同时也减轻年轻家庭对老人照顾的负担。

华 人养老服务项目结合住房、生活支持和医疗保健服务,使老人在享受所需生活支持、保健护理的同时, 可以有独立生活的自我空间以及便于娱乐和社交的生活环境。 高质量的配套服务包括免费餐饮、用药管理、洗澡穿衣、打扫卫生、购物交通、应急回应、安全设施等等。另外还有种植园艺(提供菜地)、工艺美术、音乐舞蹈、 趣味课程、保健养身、信仰灵修等各类活动来丰富每天的生活,满足身、心、灵的需要!